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Character Interview - 10 QUESTIONS:

What is your relationship like with your parents at the present? What was it like when you were a child?

My only memory of my mother is that of her being stoned to death when I was three years of age. I had been informed later on that this was because she would not name who my father was.

Are your grandparents living?

They are not.

Do you have any siblings?


What was your life like growing up?

I was sold into slavery.

What are your religious beliefs and practices?

There’s a power behind the beliefs of the zealous, but I don't subscribe to what they peddle. Their deities are real enough without them.

What was your education like? In what ways has it continued?

My education is fairly recent, initiated by my late wife and continued by utilizing the resources at Libris Del Sol through my own efforts.

What are some specific, fun memories from your childhood? Things that shaped you in a positive way, that you look back on with happiness?

I suppose that I have something of a fondness for the rebellion of my teenage years, where I would shirk my duties and get beaten for it. The consequences greatly outweighed the glimpses of freedom that provided, but I feel it was still worth it.

What are some specific negative, scary, or traumatizing memories from your childhood?

You want something more traumatic than watching your only parent being stoned to death? Than being owned by multiple someones who beat, assaulted, and traded you off throughout your formative years?

What is your daily life like? What do you do for work?

Currently I’m in the service of the drunken warmonger that purchased me from a brothel. In many ways, I am a nanny to the idiot, though my title is sorcerer.

Who are some of your closest friends? What do you do together? What about your childhood friends?

I could only find such comfort in those that were in my same position growing up - and that had to be done in secret. When my relationships were discovered, they were ended permanently one way or another. My current situation is not much different in that regard.

Like with Dragonira, I made a mood board for Flag on Pinterest. Again, it's mostly stuff that makes me thing of him for one reason or another. It can be found here.

And of course, here's his character art gallery (both official and gifted):

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