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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Dragonira is the main character of the Sivoa novels. Daughter of Flag and Ta'nia.

CHARACTER INTERVIEW - 10 QUESTIONS (Set at the beginning of Sivoa: Sunrise)

  • How did your parents meet? My parents met during the war. Both were conscripted to King Siamera's Army. I don't know any details beyond that.

  • Are your grandparents living and what’s your relationship like with them? Both of my parents were orphans, so I never knew my grandparents. I didn't know my mother either because she died birthing me. I do not get on well with my father...

  • Do you have any siblings? No.

  • What was your life like growing up? My childhood was mostly spent being shuffled between nannies. I got along well with a couple of them, but most were afraid of me and pawned me off on someone else. Maybe this is why I was ultimately placed back in my father's custody. 🤔

  • What are your religious beliefs and practices? I'm not terribly religious, but I know that the suns are Auviur, Orianna, and Adeen. Orianna talks to her oracles at the sun spire and provides them with their powers - which is different from other magic users, like myself, who somehow bargain with elements. I've heard of the cults, but I don't know anything about their beliefs. I guess I'm more analytical with my approach to things like that.

  • What was your education like? When was under the care of a nannie, they either taught me or they brought in a private tutor. Once I lived with my father, he would force me to learn rituals to help him, but otherwise I had to pull my knowledge from library books I stole from him.

  • What are some specific, fun memories from your childhood? Helping Indrae, my favorite nannie, with her cooking. I always made such a mess, but she didn’t seem to mind.

  • What are some specific negative, scary, or traumatizing memories from your childhood? There... are... to many to name. I’d rather not talk about them... (Author’s Note: These are brought up in Sivoa: Sunrise)

  • What is your daily life like? My daily life is largely spent locked in the apartment. Often my father makes me help him with his magic, but most of the time I'm trying to stay out of his way. I primarily do this by taking the secret passage from his ritual chamber to the dungeons... which only opens out into the ravine. In hindsight, this is probably not that safe, but anyone I've ever met down there has shared in my nannies mutual terror of me. That's the furthest I've traveled from home. I need to get away from here!

  • Who are some of your closest friends? I really don't have any friends... :(

QUESTIONS (Different answers - set during Sivoa: Zenith):

  • What are your religious beliefs and practices? Auuuuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!

  • What is your education like? I’m forced to take these classes about me (of all things) and uh… ar-are they really teaching people this shit?!

  • What is your daily life like? Wake up, ditch classes when I can, maybe work at the bar. I seem to spend a lot of my time avoiding people.

  • Who are some of your closest friends? My roommate Angel is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! She's so patient with me. She also connected me with Judy, my employer, who I also consider to be a good friend.

I also made something of a mood board for her on Pinterest. Some of it is art that you've seen here before, but most of it is stuff that reminds me of her in one form or another. You can check it out here:

And of course, here's the character gallery (official and gifted):

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