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Home to the largest library in Sivoa, Libris Del Sol is a wonder to behold. It has stood since before known civilization and is the most desired Kingdom in the world.

Dragonira is desperate to leave it behind.

Tormented by a lifetime spent at the mercy of her abusive father, she steals an escape spell that puts her face to face with the prince. Surprised by her appearance and wary of an underground rebellion, he and his family force her to stay within the palace walls.

Meanwhile, a troubled oracle struggles to cross the continent to warn of the kingdom’s demise before it is too late to save them.


Welcome to the World of Sivoa, a fantasy art and prose setting by H. Gorlitz Scott of Dragonmun Studios.

Sivoa started off as a collaborative play effort by a bunch of kids from rural Florida who had nothing better to do – until they did. After that happened, Scott continued developing its characters in her sketchbook until another friend asked an abundance of questions about them and she began answering in the form of comic issues (which can be found here).

After taking more than a decade to answer these questions in comic form, Scott realized that she was too slow an artist to tell this story in that format and switched to storytelling via prose with illustrations. This lead to the existence of the award winning novel, Sivoa: Sunrise and its featured sequel calendar anthology Sivoa: Mourning, to which this site is supplemental.

For Scott, this setting never lost it’s sense of wonder and she continues to write for and develop it regularly. Feel free to explore the site, for it grows as Sivoa grows.

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