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  • Adeen:
    Smallest of Sivoa's three suns. Sometimes refereed to as the "evening sun" as it is the last to set. Deity.

  • Auvier:
    Second largest of Sivoa's three suns. Sometimes refereed to as the "morning sun" or "morning star" as it is the first to rise. Deity. Creator of Sivoa, husband of Orianna, and Father of Adeen in Asta's story.

  • Au'de:
    Member of the rebellion.

  • Arminius Milmorda:
    A prince of Lieron. Pavlova's look-alike cousin.

  • Asta Siamera:
    Queen mother of Libris Del Sol. Julian's mother.

  • Bik:
    Master archer for the rebellion.

  • Boris:
    Chamberlain on Julian's council.

  • Caiside:
    Cofferer on Julian's council.

  • Chiarina Siamera:
    Queen of Libris Del Sol. A princess of Lieron. Julian's wife and Pavlova's mother

  • Dragonira:
    Daughter of Flag and Ta'nia.

  • Dodihuatu Naftali:
    Boy that appears in Dragonira's dream.

  • Elainia:
    The Orianna. Born and raised at the Orianna Spire.

  • Elcin:
    Steward on Julian's council.

  • Flag:
    Magician on Julian's council.

  • Gared:
    Water manager on Julian's council.

  • Gillot:
    Harem servant on Julian's council.

  • Huruga:
    Overseer of the royal kitchens in Libris Del Sol.

  • Julian Siamera:
    King of Libris Del Sol. Pavlova's father.

  • Ja'kal:
    Assistant to the Orianna and Elainia's closest  friend.

  • Jinto:
    Doorward on Julian's council.

  • Ka'lee Wiltafoir:
    Ka'say and Ka'ren's brother. Killed by Flag.

  • Ka'ren Wiltafoir:
    Acting leader of the rebellion started by Ta'mika. Yougenst  brother of Ka'say and Ka'lee.

  • Ka'say Wiltafoir:
    Acting leader of the rebellion started by Ta'mika. Eldest brother of Ka'lee and Ka'ren. 

  • Kinya Sassin:
    Serving wench in the palace of Libris Del Sol. Ta'mika's daughter.

  • Marboe:
    Chancellor on Julain's council.

  • Raemona:
    The smallest librarian. Appears in Tom's delusions and Asta's story. 

  • Nathara:
    Beast master on Julian's council.

  • Nuha:
    Chaplain on Julian's council.

  • Orianna:
    Largest of Sivoas three suns. Primary diety of the cul of Orianna, which rules over the Orianna spire.

  • Pavlova:
    Prince of Libris Del Sol. Julian and Chiarina's son.

  • Rayya:
    Cup bearer on Julian's council.

  • Ragnar:
    The son of Orianna and creator of Sivoa as presented in Dragonira, Flag, and Elainia's shared dreams.

  • Reddlion:
    Slave trader, brothel owner, and sorcerer from Karnindishar. Sold Flag to Gared and Jinto who, in turn, gave him to Julian.

  • Rinsk:
    Cafra nomad from  Mizzaltolte.

  • Silieae Milmorda:
    Queen of Lieron. Chiarina's mother.

  • Shoa:
    The former "tyrant" king of Libris Del Sol. Went  insane.

  • Ta'mika Sassin:
    Daughter of the Cafra Tribe and key founder of the rebellion against the Siamera reign of Libris Del Sol. Retired servant of the palace of Libris Del Sol. Kinya's mother and cousin by marriage to Flag. 

  • Ta'nia:
    Cafra tribe cheif's adopted daughter. Julian's war magician. Flag's wife and Dragonira's mother. Died in childbirth.

  • Tenoch:
    Constable on Julian's council.

  • Thomas "Tom" Majicou:
    Ex-circus freak. Adopted son of the Earthers.

  • Vika:
    Serving wench in the palace of Libris Del Sol. Kinya's work rival.



  • Arlogate:
    Lieron province known for exporting lumber. Where Flag was born.

  • Karnindishar:
    A village on the northern edge of the Ogait Desert. Located in the Mizzaltolte province. Where Flag was sold to Reddlion and later purchased by Gared and Jinto. Leveled by Flag later on.

  • Libris Del Sol:
    A giant library in the eastern region of the Ogait desert. Also the name of the kingdom surrounding it.

  • Lieron:
    Northern Kingdom that encompasses Arlogate and Mizzaltolte. Also the name of the captial city where the Milmordas live. Patron kingdom to Libris Del Sol.

  • Mizzaltolte:
    Lieron province. Where Rinsk is from.

  • Nathcaroto:
    Sivoa's largest continent. Where the Kingdom of Lieron and the Ogait desert are located.

  • Ogait Desert:
    Extremely large desert that dominates  most  of the Nathcaroto continent.

  • Orianna Spire:
    Home of the influential cult of Orianna. Home of seers. Located in the southeaster region of the Ogait Desert.

  • Sun Spire:
    Another name for the Orianna Spire.



  • Amma:
    Term for mother. Like momma or mommy.

  • Earther:
    A hairless, tailless, Sivoan-like being with round ears and eyes. Not from Sivoa. Traveled from another realms by the name of Earth.

  • Moso:
    A spice for cooking.

  • Nyanyranall:
    Language with high and low dialects.

  • Surla:

  • Usan:
    A dialect of Surla.

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